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Feb 03

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Feb 03

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Jan 22

Life, as we know it

Jumping through hoops.  Hoping it leads to happiness.  But if one is unhappy throughout the process of jumping through the hoops, does that mean the hoops one is jumping through will probably not lead to happiness?

This is the undercurrent in my life, and has been as far back as I can remember having long-term career goals.

Why do we put so much time, focus, and energy into our careers?  Why are we taught that career success, albeit in the form of money or status, will lead to happiness?  If this was true, why are there vastly different results?  The happiest people are ones who are enjoying what they do, whether it is in the form of their career or not.  If one is not happy in his/her career, that person probably isn’t spending much time in that area of his/her life.

It’s hard finding a balance in life when I’ve unequivocally had my eyes focused on money, therefore, career, success.  Happiness was never even mentioned in the equation, it was just assumed. I mean, why else would you emphasize something so strongly if all it brings is misery?  I now ask myself that question, and am stuck in a dilemma on where on the spectrum of time and care will I place success and money in a career?

To be continued…

(have to jump through a hoop as we speak)

Jan 19


Family isn’t about whose blood you have. It’s about who you care about.”

- Trey Parker and Matt Stone